Something to look forward to

In my short experience, life is all about anticipation.

Dread before impending doom is usually worse than “doom” itself. In fact, emotional build-up to most anticipated moments is stronger than feelings on the day (anyone who has been in a race knows this). Luckily, this also means that happiness can stretch for weeks before a point in time we look forward to!

Remember this as a strategy for life – and plan accordingly. Nice as it is to be pleasantly surprised by unexpected events, scattering nuggets of happiness into your calendar can make days much more enjoyable. Anything from booking tickets to a play to simply planning on watching TV in the evening can help break up your time into more fulfilling, pleasant and productive modules.

I have been called a control freak in the past, but this has nothing to do with my planning obsession. It is simply a way of dealing with routine by exploiting that quirk of the human brain that allows us to savour emotions from the future so realistically.

So, what are you looking forward to?


Author: Bruno Martin

I moved from Spain to the UK to study Biology. Now I'm back in Spain (most of the time) working as a science journalist. I like being outdoors, I run, I swim and, some days, I dance swing. You can ask me questions for or about this blog through the contact button on my page:

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