So, blog.

I’ve tried blogs before, on and off. You see, I like words. More importantly, I like communication. And since words are the best form of communication I know (save for a few important exceptions which I shall not delve into), it is probably not surprising that I like posting my thoughts on the Internet.

Problem is, I have commitment issues with blogs. A busy student life and a healthy predisposition to procrastination mean I’ve never kept up my writing for long enough to gather a loyal readership. Or, rather, I haven’t kept my writing constant enough. I hear short periodicity is key to the blogger’s success.

But who needs success! I’m doing this for me, and, if you want, for you. I welcome you to read my musings, when I am in the sharing mood.

For now, that is all – until such a time as the sharing mood strikes again!

– Bruno


Author: Bruno Martin

I moved from Spain to the UK to study Biology. Now I'm back in Spain (most of the time) working as a science journalist. I like being outdoors, I run, I swim and, some days, I dance swing. You can ask me questions for or about this blog through the contact button on my page:

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